Thursday, 7 November 2013

How to: Create a Smoky Eye

Hi guys,
This may be a bit late but here's my How-To : Smoky Eyes!

What you will need:

A super dramatic mascara

A smudgy black eyeliner:

Kohl pencil is probably best

A few eyeshadow colours in different shades of the same theme (silvers, blues etc)

For example either of these two palettes.

OR a black and white sparkly for a more dramatic look

 Some soft blending brushes

How to:

1- Apply the lightest colour across the entire eyelid. You can use whatever brush, pad, sponge, finger that takes your fancy for this stage.

2- Apply the second/third/fourth/ etc lightest colour coming away from the corner of your eye to the other side.

3- Repeat stage 2 for as many colours as you have

4- Smudge the darkest colour onto the part of your eye closest to your ears, obviouisly not your ears, this is just so you know where to put it. Use the blending brush.

5-Whilst keeping all of the colours defined and strong, blur the edges into each other. Use the blending brush for this

5- Apply eyeliner and mascara liberally.

This should then look somewhat like the picture above. If you have any comments/suggestions (please suggest another how-to) then leave a comment! Even if it's just to say "I loved the post and will be trying it out. Would love to see a post on...." then it would make my day!