Tuesday, 25 June 2013

How to get to sleep if you are stressed

Hi guys,
Sometimes I have real problems going to sleep so I thought that I would offer my suggestions.
- Keep a notebook by your bed to scribble down ideas or those last minute worries.
Often I think of something late at night and by the morning I have forgotten.
- Don't use anything with a screen when trying to fall asleep.
No mobiles, laptops or TVs will help you fall asleep. This is because they have a backlight which stimulates your eyes. Reading a book under light just bright enough to read in is fine.
- Don't start reading a novel before bed.
It will get your mind wrapped up in the story if you stop halfway through. It's best to read poems or short stories.
- Relax.
If you try really hard to fall asleep, you won't because you are concentrating too hard. Instead clear your mind and think of happy thoughts.
- Think nice things.
For two reasons think of nice things:
1. It's easier to fall asleep with happy thoughts instead of bad ones churning through your head.
2. If you suffer from nightmares, you may have better dreams if you are not thinking of things that.worry you.
Hope this helps!! Leave me a comment on my Google + or in the comment section below