Saturday, 8 June 2013

Candles PART ONE

Hi again
Hopefully with this post I will make it to 1 subscriber!
This post will be in two parts:
This is on scented candles... my recommended scents and what to avoid.
The second on buying scented candles for other homes - the types of homes etc.
 So here we go


 Mango Peach Salsa Large jar for £19.99
A fruity scent that creates a summery fragrance like you are on a tropical island

Lemon Lavender Large Jar for £19.99
A delicate scent for a cottage or house where your windows are open as this scent mingles perfectly with fresh air.

 French Vanilla Medium Jar for £16.99 (they don't do large jars)
What it says on the tin. Although it is a simple and delicate fragrance, it is quite strong so don't put it in a small place!

 Vanilla Cupcake Large Jar for £19.99
A lovely fragrance but very sweet. Not for those who don't like sickly fragrances and do not leave burning for too long... it will fill your house with a very sickly scent.

Sicilian Lemon Medium Jar for £16.99
Same as the French Vanilla but a bit more sour - perfect for large houses.