Saturday, 29 June 2013

Best Lush Bath Bombs

Hi guys,
Here's my post on best Lush Bath Bombs. You can buy them at . Some are relatively cheap but some of these are only available in certain seasons.
1. Dragons Egg

This bath bomb is great! Your bath goes glittery and orange like you poured Lucozade in there! It smells great too and there are bits of paper confetti.

2. Cinders

This smells great but unfortunately you can only buy it around Christmas time. However you wouldn't want it any other time of year because it has the spicy warm Christmassy scent that you wouldn't want any other time of year. It makes your bathroom smell gorgeous for ages as well!

3. Space Girl

This is a gorgeous glittering galactic bomb with popping candy inside! It's gorgeous with a grapefruit scent to match.

4. Rose Queen

A gorgeous scent that's very rose-y and I think is very soothing. With real rose petals.

5. Golden Dream

A multicoloured sensation. Each layer is a different colour! It has the same scent as the old Snowshowers Shower Jelly with Champagne, Orange and Cognac.

6. Think Pink

This bath bomb sends your bath water BRIGHT PINK!! It is vanillary and gorgeous and I love it.

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