Monday, 24 June 2013

Nail care

Hi guys,
Here's a nail care post about what I do to keep my nails healthy.
It is really important to get a lot of calcium for your skin, nails, bones and teeth and it really does help.
I clean out my nails using a nail brush and then once a week, using a cuticle pusher, I go under my nails up until the skin to take out dirt and then around the edge to take out, dust and make sure my nails won't be ingrowing.
Then I push my cuticles back and rub them and my nails with Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Balm. This has a gorgeous smell and although I don't have super hard cuticles, it still makes a big difference. It really does also work on hard cuticles.
Then using one of the 4 way file blocks with a buffer, polisher, filer etc. I cannot remember the brand of it but you can get them from loads of places.
I also make sure not to permanently have nail varnish ire false nails on. It does ruin your nails if you always have nail polish on them and you have to get Vitamin D to them via the Sun's rays.
That's all that I really do to take care of my nails but it just makes them look really nice.