Thursday, 13 June 2013

Best Hair Straigteners

Hi guys,
Here's a blog post on hair straigteners so here are my bests:

1. GHD Wide Plate Ceramic Heater Hair Straighteners

These are great if you have thick or very long hair as you can do a lot more. These are the widest GHD plates you can get and reduce static in hair.
Available from £99.

2. Remington S8500 Shine Therapy Straighteners

These leave your hair in a high glossy, shiny finish. Also it has digital controls for exact temperature and effortless control.
Available for £39.00

3. Remington S6500 Sleek and Curl Straighteners

With curved edges, it straightens and curls as well. A great holiday buy, no need for curlers and straighteners with this. And a bargain!
Available for £29.00

4. Cloud 9 Hair Straighteners

These incredible straighteners has 6 heat settings for ultimate styling. Plus some of the best in the biz love this.
Available for £129.95

5. Babyliss Pro Hair Straighteners

These wide plated straighteners can be used for big curls, bouncy waves, soft flicks or ultra sleek locks if you have a lot of hair or Afro-Caribbean hair.
Available for £45

6. Nicky Clarke Classic Short Style Straighteners

These have ultra slimline plates, excellent for short or thin hair or fringes/bangs (whatever you call them). A bargain.
Available for £17.99

7. Marc Hill Mini Iconic Styler

A tiny styler at 6 inches but they are great for on the go. Plus they have a curve that's great for your hand. A super bargain for such a big brand and well worth all 6 inches of them!
Available for £19.99

8. Philips Procare Keratin Straightener

These fab straighteners use vibrations to evenly distribute hair across the full plate. These also have digital controls for ease of use.
Available fro £61.28

9. Ti Touch Titanium Purple Hair Straighteners

These are ace at not frizzing up frizzy hair and they have an ace design!
Available at £129.95

10. Corioliss C2 Straighteners

These straighteners straighten hair that will stay put ALL DAY! Seriously. And they have separate controllers for ease.
Available for £109.99

That's it for my Best Hair Straighteners