Sunday, 9 June 2013

Rated Nail Varnish

Here are some nail varnishes that I love and would recommend for you

1. Mua Makeup Academy Nail Varnish in Amaretto Crush
A lovely pinky brown nail colour. It takes 2 coats to make it look nice but will last for about 3 days before chipping.

2. No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Minty Fresh
A gorgeous blue colour that will last for days. It does take at least three coats to get right.

3. No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Milan 110
A party ready sparkly rich colour that I love. Does chip fairly easily though and then all of the nail varnish on that nail will come off.

4. 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Pink Grapefruit.
A lovely colour that will last for a week. However the bottle leaks very easily.

5. Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry in 1 (Lola)
A very pearly colour that is toned down but is shiny and shimmery for days.

6. Avon Nailwear in Cotton Candy.
A nice colour however it takes 2 coats, there isn't much in the bottle and it goes EVERYWHERE!!

7. American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Office
A gorgeous colour, quite expensive but worth it as you only need one coat.
8. Nail Paint by Barry M in 264
A jam packed glitter colour both on its own and over other colours

9. Avon Nailwear Pro in Real Red
A really crimson colour that takes 2 coats to perfect. Not so good for short nails.

10. Avon Gold Nailwear Pro in Golden Dream
Not so packed as the Barry M but a gorgeous silky gold sheen over other colours.