Monday, 10 June 2013

Beyonce Mrs. Carter Tour Outfit Reviews

Hi guys,
Thought I would give you a review of the Beyonce Mrs. Carter Tour Outfits. These have been much talked about and here are my opinions.

4/10 because it's such a coarse outfit: it is quite tacky and the nipples look gross. Apart from the top bit it looks quite nice.

9/10 This is a lovely outfit, very Beyonce-ish! The vertical stripes are a nice touch with the semi transparent panels.

10/10 This gorgeous, floaty chiffon dress is one of my favourites and I love the cut out panels and the gold neckline.

7/10 I like the top and shorts but I don't like the boots. It's also a little toned down for a concert.

7/10 I like it more than the gold but it is still quite gaudy.

9/10 This is a very dressed up stylish costume, not so sure about the hat but each to their own!!

8/10 This is very 60s inspired colours for the stripes and is very nice.

9/10 And finally this British Georgian Vintage-y inspired costume used to promote the tour and I love pieces like this. Not very street friendly but lovely for Beyonce's concerts.

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