Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Charlie Body Sprays

Hi guys,
Here's some Charlie body spray reviews. I am personally a big fan but that's not to say I don't criticise them.

Charlie Star
A  nice scent but it rubs off straight away.

Charlie Touch
A gorgeous vanilla spray that is good to spray on clothes kept in drawers for a long time because as you open the drawer, it floats out

Charlie Essence
A strong warm scent that is applied sparingly because it is so strong. It will last a long time because of this.

Charlie Red
A not too pleasant scent that is far too strong and is a combination of too much alcohol scent and too much musk.

Charlie Pink
When I first saw this, I would never have realised it was tangerine and red fruits. It has vanilla in it and that stands out the most. It is a sweet/musky scent.

That's all of my Charlie body spray reviews.