Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How to KICK nervous habits!

Hi guys,
So yesterday I thought I would do advice as well as beauty stuff in my blog: Saffy (Life)Style!
One thing I used to do when I was nervous was bite my lips and inner cheek. Not just a nibble though, a full on ravage and I've heard of many things people do when they are nervous. So I thought that I would create a post giving ideas on how to resist the urge to do your habit.

1. DO NOT EVER find a replacement in the same area e.g if you bite your lip DO NOT chew gum: when you remove the distractions the affected area will get bored and just do it more.

2. Notice when you do it and force yourself to stop there and then. None of this 'after the next time'.

3. Notice why you do it. Is it when you are bored, anxious etc.

4. If it gets really bad get friends or family to alert you to when you do it.

5. Also if it gets out of hand, make a chart on a calendar, diary or homemade one. Tick days where you go a day without it and say why you did it if you did.
Kick those habits; its not just for New Year!