Saturday, 9 November 2013

Do You Tag

Hi guys,
So I was tagged by +Zoe Archer of for this tag. You should check out her beauty blog!

Do you take off your makeup at night?

Yeah, I am kind of obsessive about this. I remove it with a makeup remover wipe then wash my face.

Do you put lip liner on before or after your lipstick?

I rarely wear lipliner but when I do, I put it on before lipstick.

Do you peel your nail varnish off?

No, never. I did sometimes as a nervous thing when I was younger but my nails weren't looking nice at all.

Do you apply base coat and top coat?

I never apply base coat unless it's for black/navy/dark purple polish. But I always apply top coat.

Do you curl your lashes before or after mascara?

Before because I read that if you do it after, you can tear some of your lashes off!

Do you wear mascara on your lower lashes?

Yes however not at the end, just closest to where it joins on otherwise they look way too long and spikey.

Do you put concealer on before or after foundation?

After because otherwise you might as well just cover it up with foundation.

Do you like minty lipgloss?

Don't know, never tried it.

Do you floss your teeth?

erm... Well not as much as I should but yeah I do.

Do you exfoliate your face?

Yes, I have all sorts of scrubs and potions that exfoliate.

Do you prefer a matte, satin or dewy looking face?

Matte or dewy please! I love my face looking flawless.

Do you brush your teeth after or before your morning coffee?

After because I cannot stand any taste for a long time after my toothbrushing. Plus then my mouth seems super minty!!

Do you get dressed before or after you put on makeup?

Before because otherwise I may smudge it or get lipstick on my new white work dress or something.

Do you put eye or face makeup on first?

Face makeup definitely because .... well I don't know. I always just do.

Do you smile enough?

Yes as I am a very smiley person. This is despite he fact that I am a chronic worryguts!

People that I tag are:

+Shalunya TheChronicBeauty 
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+Louise Oats
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And anyone else that I may have missed out, just do it!