Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to: Nail Care

Hi guys,
I know, I know, I knoooowww ok, I am super late in my second How To post. This one is how to look after your nails and make them gorgeous.

What you will need:

A nail file
Glass is best I find.

Also hopefully a 4 way buffer

A nail cream or butter

I use Lush Lemony Flutter

A cuticle trimmer or nail scissors if necessary but definitely cuticle pushers

Hand cream or body lotion

Nail Strengthening Polish (optional)

How to:

Wash your hands first with warm water and a nice soap

Fine your nails down with the file part of the cube file or a glass file. Aim for them not to be too short or too long but rounded at the end.

Push up your cuticles from the nail, not too hard but they may be a bit 'stuck'

Massage in some Cuticle Butter to the skin around your nails and even on your nails if you wish.

If required, trim your cuticles with cuticle trimmers but DO NOT do too much! It will hurt!

Remove ridges and buff your nails. The same applies, do not do it too much, or press down too hard otherwise your nails will go a dull white and it will remove the shiny layer of nail.

Polish your nail with the other side of the cube or make a homemade version by wrapping cling film over a sponge brush.

Apply hand cream or body lotion and voila!

I hope you enjoyed this