Sunday, 26 January 2014

Resolute Beauty Blogger- January

Hi guys,
I know that I am more than a couple of days late with my first Resolute Beauty Blogger Post but better late than never!! 
Here we goooo.....
My Resolutions:
Do at least 3 Tag Collaborations
Make My Blog Look Gorgeous
Take More Selfies
Get More Socially Logged On
Do A Month Of Vlogging

What I have managed so far:
Get More Socially Logged On- I am on Pinterest, Instagram (and tons more) but these are most recent additions.
Make My Blog Look Gorgeous- I have partly done this by doing a signature but am trying to update la blog's style.
Why is being successful with my resolutions important to me?

It's the little goals that add up to a fulfilled life (and yes you can quote me on that). By achieving the little goals and making my blog look gorgeous in the meantime, it makes me feel like I have accomplished lots in a year and that my year has been worthwhile. And I also can try and attract more readers and followers.
I actually think that I have encompassed both questions in my answer so will leave it there.

I will aim to do 5 new resolutions per month and an update on where I am up to. Then a large wrapping up of it at the end of 2014.
Love Saffy