Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Fragrance

Hi guys,
So, it's getting to that time when we buy beautiful, heartfelt gifts for our even more beautiful mothers. Then, I thought I would make a new series on a guide for who to buy each type of present. Enjoy!!

For the sexy mama or to say 'You're still as beautiful as you used to be'
Sexy 212 by Carolina Herrera. This classic is timeless and oozes something... maybe sex appeal, I don't  know but it is perfect for saying 'You know Mum, you are beautiful.'

For the business, jet setting Mum.
Armani Mania
This is a gorgeous fragrance that is crisp and clean and can last all day long without the need for top-ups, especially if you buy the EDP (Eau De Parfum as opposed to Eau de Toilette)

For the classic and timeless Mum.
What is more classic than Chanel's No 5? Nothing, I don't think so and this is perfect for such a person. Go on, splash out, and treat her. She gave birth to you for God's sake :-).

For the sweet and just lovely Mum 
What could be sweeter than Marc Jacob's Honey? It is as lovely as the name and has gorgeous packaging as well.

For the glamourous Mum.
For the Mum who can be glamourous every day, even when she doesn't go out.

I really hope you enjoyed this: my next posts in this series are on candles, then flowers and chocolate. Please comment if you have any you want me to include, any categories you want me to do or just as some feedback!