Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review: New Benefit Gimme Brow

Hi guys,
So Benefit has had a fab testing going on instore (it may still be running) for the new product Gimme Brow. This is set to be revolutionary as it claims to create 'brows where before there were none' with its 'innovative brush on fibre gel'. I thought that as I was popping into Boots, I could just have a little nosey at what it was all about.
Promo image from Benefit Website
So, let me explain my brows. My hair is natural ashy blond but my eyebrows are quite dark brown so I thought that it might be quite easy to match my brow shade. I sat down at the counter and was greeted by a rather stroppy attendant who wanted obviously to get me out as quick as possible.
What I hate, and find particularly with Benefit, is that they often do your makeup how they want it. And they all have the same over bronzed, over blushed, huge eyelashes and brow look. Not for me. And although I love all their products and maybe not all of the 'Benebabes' look like that, I wish they asked me how I wanted my makeup done. 
Now: colour choices. The darkest I think is very dark and is far darker than needs be. To be honest, it's for almost black brows but the lighter version is no way for lighter brows, ginger brows or any other colour that isn't their kind of either drawn on/ painted in or a stereotypical brow colour.

The product dried so quickly on my brows. It made them go quite hard and stuck together before she combed them through, but afterwards it was so nice because it felt like there was hardly any product on there at all. They had to be combed through fairly quickly after application so that they didn't go too hard.

However, despite colour selection and the fact you have to comb it straight after, it does seem to do the job terrifically. You can barely feel the (gel, cream, balm, I don't know) tint on your eyebrows but it gels them into place so well that they literally do not shift. 

So I would give this a 7/10 but I would buy it because it suited my brows.