Sunday, 2 March 2014

Beauty Haul

Hi guys,
So finally here's my haul!! It's been so long especially after my What's New: High End post which you can view here. Anyhow, lets begin! (Warning- a little picture heavy but no more than a typical Saffy Style post)
PS- What do you think of my new photography style? I wanted to jazz it up a bit.

The first thing that I bought was a new moisturiser. I had always wanted to try Lush's moisturisers and had received a sample before. This has so far felt really luxurious but is aimed at 'skin that can't make up it's mind' like mine which is the extremity of combination.

Lightly swatched under flash in the centre pic. I next bought the Longwear powder shadow by Benefit in the shade Gilty Pleasure. I had been looking for a shade a little like this across a few counters and loved the sparkly-ness and gorgeous colour of this.

There has been a long standing offer for me for half price on Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipsticks at Boots. I had never tried one before I used this deal but got hooked and now have three. This is my latest addition and is the shade If You Please.

I was really eager to try the new Superlight foundation from No7. In fact, I decided to go the whole hog and instead of guessing randomly, got matched with their fancy computer thing that takes a picture of your jawline. This is in the shade Calico above.

I bought another eyeshadow on my little shopping trip. How could I resist this gem of a silvery shade? It swatches beautifully and is more built up on the left picture.

Now, in my What's New post that I linked above (but if you now want to see it, it is here) I mentioned that I had been given a sample for this and tested for shade BR20.

And the BB cream in shade Clear.

This is a swatch of each (and some left handed writing- I am right handed!) 

OK, leave some comments below, I apologise for having not posted in a while but will hopefully do some more. And Happy March everyone!