Sunday, 13 April 2014

Review: Lancome Perfume Travel Set

Hi guys,
So I was gifted the Lancome Perfume Travel Set and here is my review!

The first perfume in the set is the Trésor perfume. This bottle is gorgeous, my camera angle was all wrong but it is a kind of 3 step pyramid. Onto the perfume, I would give it 2/5. It is a bit old lady-ish for me and a bit cloying but is quite a nice rosey perfume. It's an EDP which is nice and you only need a little bit.

This is lovely. I would give this 4/5 because it has beautiful floral ingredients in it. When I was smelling it though, I thought it smelled like salt and vinegar crisps but then I realised that oddly it was my hands. I haven't had salt and vinegar crisps for ages. Oh well. Anyway, it doesn't smell like salt and vinegar crisps but it is gorgeous! It also has amber, musk and ginger base notes which make it not too sickly like the first perfume. It is also an EDP.

This is so nice. I would give this 3/5 as well because it is very nice but in a completely different way. It's not so floral as the others which I think is nice because you need a bit of everything. It is an EDP and has vanilla, lychee blossom and orange blossom, making it a bit more fruity and great for day or night.

Trésor In Love
Also an EDP and nothing like Trésor to be honest. I would give it 4/5 Far less floral and far more refreshing and beautiful, this is my type of perfume. And perfume is different for different people depending on what you like. It does have rose and jasmine but it's muted more by the sensual woody-ness of cedar and there is also nectarine. It is a great perfume for evening I think, as it is quite powerful and sexy.

They really all are EDPs! This deserves a 5/5! It's fantastic and so refreshing. It has passion flower and vanilla, with a base note of vetiver which is a type of Indian grass. It is so nice because it is sexy and lovely enough for daytime or evening.

Obviously, just to point out, perfume is different for everyone and you might like the things I don't and vice versa. That's why I included the ingredients, so that you could gauge what kind of perfume it was. I hope you enjoyed this post!