Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Hi guys,
I am so sorry that recently I haven't been updating that much. I go on holiday in a couple of days so I probably won't be blogging that much then. However when I get back, I promise to do a full season picks post and an up and coming Autumn/Winter post! Plus a post on my great mascara as seen in the pic below this post :-)

But I would like to do an announcement/plea fror help first from myself and +ShalunyaTheChronicBeauty at

If anyone knows or is a 60-70 year old female beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger, we may be interested to do a guest post with you.
This would be a post that we haven't decided on the theme of but would be because I am in my 20s, Shalunya is in her 40s and we would like someone in their 60s.

Anyway, add me at bloglovin or +SaffronLallem, subscribe to this blog, use the contact form on the side of this blog or email me at