Thursday, 8 August 2013

My favourite brands and why

Hi guys,
Here's my promised favourite brands post. Some were really hard to choose, so I did 2 brands!

1: High End Fashion

My favourite high end fashion brands are Chanel and Armani. I only have a couple of Chanel dresses but I love them and I adore Armani for suits, dresses, shoes etc!

2: Mid-Range Fashion

I love Warehouse. Warehouse do some pretty amazing dresses (some that I blogged about in my last Beauty Haul Post. I like most of their products and there are massive sales on sometimes.

3: Bargain Fashion (that you probably have to sort through the tat to find)

I quite like some of the stuff in New Look. You do have to have a good eye to spot the nice stuff in between the rubbish but when you find something, it's generally quite nice.
I bought this recently which is very nice. It's very flattering and is only £15!

4:Favourite Accessories Brand (Handbags)

I love Nine West handbags. They have really gorgeous bags but there really aren't that many. Although, in their defence, they do update their collections very regularly.

6: Favourite Accessories Brand (Sunglasses)

I love my Dior Exquise Black and White Sunglasses. I just adore Dior sunglasses and haven't been tempted by other brands to buy. I did nearly relent a couple of years ago with a pair of Gucci's in Heathrow Airport Duty Free but ended up with another Dior pair. I got these sunglasses this year and fell in love at first sight with them! 

7: Favourite Accessories (Watches)

I have several watches but my favourite is a DKNY Pink Python Printed Watch. It's so comfortable and currently on sale, so if you like it, go for it!

8: Favourite Shoe Brand.

My favourite is definitely Office because they sell so many brands! I absolutely adore it because of this so it's a clear winner.

9: Favourite High-End Makeup Brands

I love Chanel and YSL the most. Chanel do fantastic foundation that is tailored for each skin colour so accurately. I love their skin makeup the most. I think they really excel at this, and although it's expensive, it's well worth it!

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL if anyone didn't know) are one of my favourite ever makeup brands. I love the Touche Eclat, their mascaras can mostly be amazing and the eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous. The palettes that they choose compliment each other perfectly and are so lovely and glittery.

10: Favourite Mid-Range Makeup Products

I don't know if this is classed as mid range but I adore Lancome makeup. I especially adore the newly re-vamped Hypnose range including the eyeshadow palettes and mascaras. I haven't really tried the lip products but I love the rest of the range.

I would also like to say about No7. I love their beauty and skincare products: their foundation (I am shade Calico) , face powder, nail varnish, eye shadows and lip products.

11: Favourite nail varnishes

I love American Apparel Nail Varnish. It's so nice and glossy with an amazing pigmented colour.

12: Favourite Skincare Products

I love the Clinique 3 step system. It's best if you go into a store, one of their beauticians does the tests to see which type you are and tests them on your hand. You can compare your hand with the cleaned one and the results are astonishing!

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