Sunday, 25 August 2013

The truth about beauty

Hi guys,
I'm shaking it up a bit. This is in response to the post by about what beauty truly is and is about Image. Comment if you have anything to say; if you're a blogger, do what you do and link your blog post in the comment section.

1: List 3 Things you would change about yourself.

My weight
My laugh
My skin to be less problematic

I am sure that nearly every woman would have had something to do with their weight written down. It took 1 minute tops to think of all of that.

2: If you watched a film pointing out all of your flaws to everybody in your country, write 3 sentences about how you would feel.

I would feel really self conscious and like I was worthless, that everyone else would also think I was worthless.
I would feel embarrassed for myself that everyone could see my flaws.
I would feel like I didn't want to face anyone again because they would be laughing at me.

3: Name 3 facial features that make you feel unattractive.
A mole right next to my lip.
A few fine laughter lines: I am 21 soon!
My eyebrows which are ginormous!

4: Name 3 features that make you feel attractive.
My eyes, they are big and green/blue and probably my best facial feature.
My hair which is long and I love.
My lips which aren't too thin and have a very pronounced Cupid's Bow along the top.

5: List 3 personality traits that make you feel beautiful.

I try to be kind to everyone and avoid confrontation.
I am intelligent and reasonable and will use this if anyone needs my help with a problem.
I try and aim high and I am not a slacker, I work hard and put in my work for a team.

I spend so much time talking about beauty and cosmetics etc but whenever I think of myself, it tends to be negative towards the way I look. Yet today, now, I have managed to think if positive aspects of me. I should do it more often and I would urge others, even if they don't write it down, to think about what makes you beautiful.