Sunday, 18 August 2013


Hi guys,
Here's a post following in the footsteps (or trying to) of in a deeper post. This is about smiling.

I am naturally a very smiley person, I will smile at the old lady opposite me on the tube before work so it is very easy to tell when I am down.

If it is this obvious and you know something is up with me and I don't want to tell you because you have been horrible earlier today, don't keep pestering me to tell you so that you can laugh at my expense. What is more don't act like a child, honey, by chasing me along a street when I have stuff to do.

What do you expect me to do? I have an expressive face and I wear my heart on my sleeve. Get over yourself and maybe then I can smile! If you were genuinely worried you would not make me sadder by pestering, you would understand and let me be.

I know it sounds like I am having a go so sorry but maybe now I can smile!