Sunday, 15 September 2013

Good and Bad Tag

Hi guys,
So I have started of a tag: a what I am good and bad at tag!

Tag as many people as you like but notify them. Its so annoying if you don't find out.
Credit me +Saffron Lallem as the creator.
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Have fun!

Good at:
Face makeup: I am great at applying blusher and foundation. I use brushes as I am not a fan of sponges apart from with my Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow.

Lips: One thing I am good at is applying lipstick. It's harder than it looks. I start at the Cupid's Bow and go out on each side and do a similar thing on the bottom lip. Then you have the most colour in the middle of your lips and it looks gorgeous.

Eyes: I am best at smoky eyes. It is quite a skill but I tend to use a tan colour as a base then go into the corner of my eye by my nose with a paler shimmery colour, then apply a dark colour. I am currently a fan of navy smoky eyes and the way to apply it is to take a soft brush and move it from side to side in short strokes, starting from the outside where it is darkest and smudging in.

Skincare: I will always wash my face and I am very strict about it. I love the Clarins 3 point wash, my favourite is probably the toner which is so effective yet delicate.

Nails: I am very steady with nail varnshes and can paint a perfect nail. If it's not perfect, I redo it!

Body: I have weekly exfoliation sessions followed by body masks then body butter so I am very good to my skin.

Lifestyle: I don't smoke and I don't drink that much because I like to keep a clear head and body and I wouldn't ever want to do drugs because they just wreck lives.

Things I am bad at:
Face makeup: I am scared by bronzer. Honestly, I am scarred internally by my previous experiences.

Lips: Do many people use lip liner any more? In the 90s, when I was growing up, tons of people used it. Anyway, I suck at it.

Eyes: I cannot apply eyeliner to the inside of my upper eyelid. Many people can, and do but I cannot. Which is weird because I wear contacts but such is life. I think I get scared by putting pointy things so close to my eyeball.

Skincare: I don't moisturise as much as I should. I am trying to do it more but I guess it's just about habits. If I stay at my bf's house, I don't take moisturiser there. I mean what am I supposed to do, say:
"Hey baby, I will be ready to go in 5, oh no, make that 10, I need to find some moisturiser so that my beard burn won't show up :-)"

Nails: I cannot master the Water Marbling nail technique. I have tried so many times but the YouTubers make it look way easier. I think.

Body: I don't use any where near as much hand cream as I should. My hands seem mostly to be ok but when I do use some, my hands illustrate how thirsty they have been.

Lifestyle: I have a very sweet tooth.  I can't resist sweet things. And then I can't stop!!! There will be a box of chocolates on the table. Warning: DO NOT leave me with them.

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