Thursday, 31 October 2013

How to: French Manicure

Hi guys,
So here's my little how-to on French Manicures. You will (hopefully) learn how to make an easy French Manicure and then how to jazz it up a little!

Final Product:


What you will need:
A pale pink or pale peachy nail varnish. I use Sinful Colours Nail Colour in Easy Going.

A white nail pen or nail varnish (if nail varnish, you will need some templates). I use the white one from this Rio collection.

And any special top coat, or a regular one. I use the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Jewel Overcoat in Let's Dance.

How to create the nails.

Paint however many required coats of base colour of the pink/peachy varnish.
1 coat
2 coats

Use sticky nail templates (easy to buy and really cheap on the internet) or just freehand against your nail by leaning the metal part of the pen against the edge of your nail and squeezing out, then moving along the nail. If that makes sense :-)

Then wait for that to dry. 

Paint over with top coat, glittery top coat, or shimmery top coat. You can also incorporate more designs into the pink part of the nail!

I hope you enjoyed this, leave a comment below