Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A Boots-iful Day: High End- What's New

Hi guys,
So I went into Boots on Monday and bought a few things (which I will do a haul on) but the main thing I did was have a makeover! It was so much fun. I went to two counters: Lancome and YSL and had a little look at Dior so that I can tell you what's new, what's amazing and what is a must-have. 
OK, so first things first: Lancome! 
My previous favourite product: The Lancome Hypnose Star mascara.

The Look:
Eyeshadow P102

The gorgeous peachy coloured shadow was used as a base for my look. It has a silky consistency and gives a shimmery look.

It was the Hypnose Drama which I have never tried before.
Look at the bristles on this! However, I wasn't so sure as it left my eyelashes a little clumped together, I think I would definitely prefer others.

I tried the new slightly revolutionary (and scarily bright) 022 Rose Indien which looks like this!!
OMG!! Look at it! Well, honestly, when it comes out, it is a much paler wash. You collect it on the side of the brush, tap it, and then apply with the side again so that you can use the other side for blending or washing it down if it gets too much. It actually comes out as quite a nice rosy pink.

I tried the brand new Miracle Air de Teint foundation in 005 Beige Ivoire. Why am ivory or similar in every skincare item, they may as well just say milk bottle pale!!

The gorgeous Lancome lipglosses are famous, especially the Juicy Tubes. This one however is the Gloss in Love 302 called Rose Oscar. This is a non-sticky glossy formula that is shimmery and is kind of like a balm lacquer.

This is the little booklet that I got with all my featured products.

Best part of Spring 2014 new products:
This blush I think is really worth buying: it will last forever because you only use a tiny amount and it does give a really long lasting colour.

The next place I went to is the YSL (Yves Saint Laurent if you didn't know) counter, where the assistants always look so glam and the products even from their packaging look elegant and luxurious. 

Favourite product:
Touche Eclat is the best and most famous YSL makeup item. For those who don't know, it is a highlighting pen for pretty much anywhere on the face and it is fantastic.

The Look:

So YSL have brought out quite a few new products this season, including the heavily anticipated Gloss Volupte with the new kind of applicator.


The Cara Delevigne advertised Babydoll mascara which is super famous. It is great because there re different sized fibres to coat every lash and to lengthen and volumise them simultaneously. The one thing I am not so keen on is the fact that they are a little bit bitty/ flaky.

Le Teint Touche Eclat is the new foundation to pair with the legendary Touche Eclat. It has light/medium coverage but is easily buildable.

I got a 7 day sample.

and also a sample of the brand new BB cream

This is them together: the foundation provides slightly more coverage while the BB cream is supposed to be 'no makeup with makeup'.
Again, a very bright blush that is new to YSL. This one though is a cream blush and is in 02 Powdery Rose. Again though, it mutes down to a pinky blush that is really nice. The texture of this is phenomenal; it isn't a cream as such but kind of a hydrating balm that isn't sticky or shimmery.
I had the Chromatics palette number 9 (except for the bottom right) and that gorgeous top left brown as an eyeliner. They can be used wet or dry and if used wet, it brings out the shimmer beautifully.

I was lucky enough to also get to try the new Volupte lipglosses. I tried shade 102 Rose Satine which is  a beautiful pinky colour. One of the things I also adore is the smell and taste. If you know the Yves Saint Laurent lipglosses, you know what I mean, the watermelon-y scent is gorgeous. 

However, one of the revolutionary parts is the applicator. I know the pic below isn't so great but this really does what it says. One side is moulded to the shape of the lower lip to bend round it and cover evenly while the other side moulds to the upper lip. And this is true. I don't know quite what it adds compared to the normal brush that has been used before but it is certainly revolutionary.

Best product of the new season:
Love, love, love this! Not so sure about the applicator but the actual gloss is non-sticky, a gorgeous colour and I am actually in love with the scent.

So this was my YSL new collection tour and then I had a little nosey at Dior. The main theme here is clearly pastels as the colour selection was pale, pretty and doll-like. However for some of the new eyeshadows, such as a minty green and eye-watering baby pink, I am not so sure of how nice it was.

However, I would like to say that there are definitely some winners. For one thing, the new Dior Addict Lip Glow, which just enhances your natural lip colour, was the darkest on me by far according to the Dior assistant. However, it changes for different people so truly does just enhance and create a glossy finish to lips. The new shade is coral but doesn't look totally coral, more just a muted kind of pinky-coral.

So this was a bit of different post by highlighting what is new for some higher end brands and I hope you really enjoyed this. Please leave a comment and if you want to see anything here, please let me know