Sunday, 16 February 2014

Resolute Beauty Blogger- February 2014

Hi guys,
Again, I am a couple of days late with my Resolute Beauty Blogger post but at least it's here! I will give an update and add a couple more resolutions. So here we go!!

My Resolutions:

Black= new resolutions
Red = old resolutions

Do at least 3 tag collaborations.
Make my blog look gorgeous
Take more selfies
Get more socially logged on
Do a month of vlogging.
Do a guest post on someone else's blog/ have someone guest post on mine
Do a draw my life video
Review 4 products per month
Do a 4 look 1 palette look
Change my disclaimer to something better

And what I have done so far:

1 tag collaboration! Which can be viewed here  with +Shalunya TheChronicBeauty and +Ashley Maria.
Make my blog look gorgeous! I have done a new banner and social buttons and if there is anything else you think I should add, please, please comment below :-)
Change my disclaimer! Woop woop! Done that to accommodate the fact that I would love to receive free things!

Question of the month:

What tools have been helpful at keeping you on track? Hmm... my Filofax organiser for sure. I have a work, personal and blog section and then an organiser at the front with everything in. So I can narrow it down or keep it altogether. I love to write in it with my fountain pen as well. I have also just started to use Chrome rather than Safari so it has helped me because I am always signed in with my account.

Until next month,