Thursday, 4 July 2013

Carlo Fellini Evening Bags Review

Hi guys,
I thought I would start doing a review of fashion brands that maybe aren't so big but definitely need the recognition!
So this is my dear friend +Walsh Victoria's company and I think the bags are stunning.

Their best selling bag I absolutely adore. I would recommend buying in either navy or black as these colours are so versatile.

This bag comes with a long strap so it is very versatile.

One of the best features about this is it's timeless satin and detailed look. It will go with everything and I think it's great.

The online website is hassle free and easy to navigate. I love the way that they have sorted the bags into materials into stupid names for collections like some big brands. It just makes it easier to browse.

These bags are affordable but pack an amazing quality and design. They are sized wonderfully and some designs are very unique such as this gorgeous vintage looking shell purse below:

Another gorgeous bag is this Epifania Evening Bag which is also on sale!

But don't go thinking they're all in one colour. No, they do these handbags in many colours for different moods, occasions etc.

To help you even more, there are Prom, Wedding and Classic ranges depending on what you are shopping for.

These bags are amazing, the company is amazing and I would recommend this to anyone