Thursday, 18 July 2013

Product Review: Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara

Hi guys,
A review today, this time on the brand new Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara

Now just one thing to say about disgraceful sales before I move on to the actual review. 

The sales assistant may be a charming person to her friends at home but treated me terribly whilst I was buying. So much so in fact, that I nearly walked out without buying anything. She firstly ignored me and chatted to another rude assistant until I asked for assistance. She didn't even acknowledge my existence and it was obvious that she just couldn't wait for me to just LEAVE. This is in italics because her thought waves were channeled at me so strongly. 

After she sulkily told me that they had ran out (they clearly hadn't because I could see at least 5 in front of me). After I had just gestured in front of me, where there were the mascaras, she rolled her eyes, didn't answer my question and stomped off. I bought the mascara because I was in a rush and needed a new mascara but was very disappointed.

Anyway, now onto the actual review: I think that the innovative dual brush system is fantastic and you can totally see the results. However, I didn't find it particularly volumising or lengthening which are 2 key points that this product advertises.

The Pros win!
+ Pros + - Cons -
Item Importance Item Importance
Glossy formula 2 Not Volumising 3
New brush type 3 Expensive 4
Colour 3 Not Lengthening 3
Curling 3 Clumping 4
Packaging 2
Dual action 2
Total 15 Total 14

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