Monday, 8 July 2013

Daily Blogging Challenge - Shop analysis - Selfridges

Hi guys
So I thought for my post today that I would do a Shop Analysis

If you think that these are good, leave a comment and I will do more of them!

So I went into Selfridges in London yesterday because I love the Ted Baker Women's clothes there. I was greeted by a very helpful assistant who seemed cheerful ( I can't stand it if they ask whether you need help in such a bored and monotonous tone that you can't be bothered to ask) and attentive.

Then I searched that part of the store and was looking for a particular item. The sales assistant, because there was no-one in there, started talking to me about the products and we had a great chat. She clearly knew her stuff as she told me many things that I didn't know about the products and the brand.

It was amazing!


Selfridges Review
Helpfulness 9
Cheerfulness 8
What I wanted 9
Queue 10
Attentiveness 10
Out of 50 46