Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Nail Pens

Hi guys,
So my favourite nail pens for nail art are the nail pens from Rio. I have been using these for a while and they're so great. They even have a pack of rhinestones and glitter when you buy a box of 8. They are only available by internet order I think but I love them. They take quite a while to dry but they are very long lasting and there is so much in the bottle that they last for a really long time.

This set is the Original Set

This Metallics Collection

The Neon Collection

The Pastel Collection

I really love these. They have a tiny thin brush for lines, spirals etc and a small pin applicator.

There are so many different designs that you can do, both over a colour or on its own. It comes with a big brush because you can also use it as a single colour. I wouldn't though because otherwise it's a waste.

These are really good and I would recommend them to anyone.