Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist Part 1

Hi guys,
So, it's nearly Christmas (woohoo!!!!) and I thought that I would share what I am wishing for this year. I don't mean to be big headed or whatever, so if you don't like people saying what they would like (whether expensive or not) then I would recommend not viewing this post, but perhaps another. This post is for beauty stuff.
  1: Benefit First Class Flirts Box. This was advertised at the Benefit counter and I thought it looked gorgeous. 
Dandelion Face Powder
Watts Up
That Gal Face Primer
The Pore-Fessional
Total Moisture Face Cream
Benetint Lip and Cheek Tint

2: Japonesque High Pigment Colour Gloss. I have seen so many bloggers raving about this as a cult product and then I spied it in John Lewis

3: Ok, I love Benefit. Another thing I want is the...
Whole Lotta Lovin' Box 

4: Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. I have terrible trouble with my bottom lashes because they are super looongg! So I either have to hold the wand so close to the skin and then poke it in my eye or I have to coat my very long lashes and look like I am wearing false lashes on my lower lashes. Not good. This however, does the job well.

5: Crabtree and Evelyn Sheer Gold Shimmer Lip Gloss. I love these glosses and they are a steal at £10 for such a great product from quite a high-end brand.

That's mostly all for my beauty products that I am wishing for. Hope you have a great Christmas if I don't blog before, but I will do the Beauty Crown next Monday so au revior for now!